Pena – Saban Bajramovic – Balkan music in 9/8

A Balkan song in 9/8 (sub divided 2+2+3+2) sang by Roma singer and composer Saban Bajramovic.

From the album Mostar Sevdah Reunion presents Saban Bajramovic – Gypsy Legend

Music & Lyrics: Šaban Bajramovic

Listen to more Balkan music in 9/8 in this playlist


One thought on “Pena – Saban Bajramovic – Balkan music in 9/8

  1. thewaywardgypsy says:

    Reblogged this on thewaywardgypsy and commented:
    Here is an excellent song composed and sang by an artist of Roma descent – Saban Bajramovic. The Roma are the true, original “Gypsies” and traditional Romany dances are among the styles of dance that can be collectively called belly-dancing. The word “gypsy” was given to groups of genetically related nomadic people who were thought to have come from Egypt. However, their true country of origin, although they belong to no single politically bounded country today, was India. The word’s meaning has changed many times since it’s conception and means different things to people from different parts of the world. In the 60’s and 70’s, as made famous by many rock musicians and Hollywood movies, the word Gypsy came to refer to a free-spirited traveling artist who calls no one place home and exhibits a clever resourcefulness that may also be perceived as borderline loose morals. More contemporary usage of the word gypsy has been linked to groups of people with no Romany genetic or linguistic connection because of their propensity to travel, and have earned (whether fairly or unfairly) a reputation as theives and criminals. This interpretation is most common in Western and Eastern Europe. In North America, the word gypsy combines the romanticized idea formed in the 60’s and 70’s with style, culture and fashion terms like “boho” and “hippie”. So while there are many misconceptions regarding what it is to be a gypsy and perhaps what type of music they create and listen to, here we have music from the Balkan states which demonstrates a time signature used in many Turkish belly-dances. Enjoi!


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