Ahmed Abdul Malik – Communication – Afro Jazz in 6

Ahmed Abdul Malik, an American jazz double bassist and oud player of African origins, possibly Sudanese.
This composition is in 6/8, an incredible Afro Jazz piece from his album Jazz Sounds Of Africa

Ahmed Abdul Malik – Bass, Oud ;
Edwin Steede – Alto Saxophone ;
Tommy Turrentine – Trumpet ;
Calo Scott – Cello, Violin ;
Bilal Abrurahman – Clarinet (Darubeka) ;
Montego Joe – Congas, Bongos ;
Rudy Collins – Drums ;
Chief Bey – African Drum ;
Rupert Alleyne – Flute ;
Taft Chandler – Tenor Saxophone.

Written by Ahmed Abdul Malik.
Recorded on August 22, 1962 at Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey.
Produced by Esmund Edwards.


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