Boom Pam – Rambo

Rambo by Boom Pam in 7/8


2 thoughts on “Boom Pam – Rambo

  1. Dr. Jone Dae says:

    I am fully in support of your site and your work. I work for free, too, and I know how much work goes into it all: researching the music, maintaining the collections, making the posts, etc., all that. Sometimes the video links on your posts are broken and don’t work, thought you would like to know. Here’s a link to the above missing video: .

    I not only follow your blog, but, your site and logo/gravatar appear on all my blogs. More exposure means more users/listeners, increasing the chances that someone else will “buy you a coffee” or give other support, financial or otherwise.

    I encourage you to continue your work. Your musical knowledge is very obvious to me… and I have made and published over 100 podcasts on just that blog alone (
    BTW the “Rambo” reminded my of songs from the group “Beats Antique”. Have you heard of it?

    Here’s a sample link from their work: }Egyptic, 5:49. The meter is not all that interesting, I think, but it introduces the group.
    I first heard about them from their version of “Ciganko”. Jae and me are Balkan Folkdancers, and Ciganko is one of the dances we know… dancers know the music and rhythms of all the songs. However, it wasn’t called Ciganko, they had their own name for it… I’m still looking for that.

    You might like this one: }Bus to the Balkans, 5:53, with Serbian Horns and so on.


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