Gypsy Soul – changine meters

Gypsy Soul was written by bass player Emmanuel Mann and was originally performed by Bustan Abraham Ensemble.

It starts with a 2/4 meter and then changes meter to a Balkan 9/8 rhythm, and goes back to 2/4. The changes are easy to follow. There are some tempo changes as well.

The album version:

A live version:

A cover version by Yinon Muallem & Rast Ensemble:

Hal ALa Al-Astâr & Badat Min Al-Khidr – Changing Meters – Al-Kindi Ensemble

These are two classical Arabic songs performed by Al-Kindi Ensemble featuring three meters and three meter changes:
The first rhythm is Muhajar, an Arabic rhythm in 14/8.
The second rhythm is a 32/8 cycle and the third is a 6/8 rhythm, which then changes back to the 14/8.

Omar Sarmini & Ensemble Al Kindi
from the double CD The Crusades seen Through the Eyes of the Orient
Adel Shams El Din – percussion

Bustan Abraham – Sama’i Kurd – Changing Meters

Samai Thaqil is a 10 beat rhythm common in Arabic and Turkish traditional music.
It is sub divided as 3 + 2 + 2 + 3, and usually the piece changes meter to 3 or 6 and then goes back to 10, though there are exceptions to this rule.

This is a modern piece composed with the same rhythm in 10, which changes in a 7 beat cycle (3+2+2) and then goes back to 10.

Bustan Abraham are:

Taiseer Elias – Oud

Nassim Dakwar – Violin

Avshalom Farjun – Qanoun

Miguel Herstein – Guitar and Banjo

Amir Milstein – Flute

Zohar Fresco – Percussion

Emmanuel Mann – Bass

Naor Carmi – Double Bass

Yehuda Siliki – Baglama

For more Samai compositions, check out the Samai playlist.