The Turtles – Grim Reaper Of Love

Grim Reaper Of Love by The Turtles is a 1966 pop song which includes 5/4 phrases.

Howard Kaylan in an interview in Mojo magazine (October 2009) said about this song: “After ‘You Baby’ had become our third national hit in a row, we were feeling pretty cocky as a band. The Beatles were doing drugs and experimenting with Indian instruments – we could too. So we did. Al Nichol and Chuck Portz put together this 5/4 jazz raga with ridiculous lyrics and, as a band, we fought for its release. But of course the record was just too weird to be a mainstream hit. In fact, I’m still shocked that it did as well as it did. It broke our cycle of Top 30 hits, and we didn’t rebound until ‘Happy Together’ a year later.”

Mission Impossible Cover Versions

The Mission Impossible theme music is one of the most familiar pieces in 5/8 in Western music.

It has some fanastic cover versions in different styles made over the years. Here’s a selection of some Mission Impossible cover versions:

This is a percussive, minimalist version by Lizzy Mercier Descloux from her album “Press Color” (1979)

A deep-groove cumbia version by Brave Combo from their album “The Exotic Rocking Life” (2008)

Lindsey Stirling and the Piano Guys used the Mission Impossible theme music in combination with music by Mozart and some original materials to create this version: