Gypsy Soul – changine meters

Gypsy Soul was written by bass player Emmanuel Mann and was originally performed by Bustan Abraham Ensemble.

It starts with a 2/4 meter and then changes meter to a Balkan 9/8 rhythm, and goes back to 2/4. The changes are easy to follow. There are some tempo changes as well.

The album version:

A live version:

A cover version by Yinon Muallem & Rast Ensemble:

Yinon Muallem – Değişen anlar

Modern Turkish music in 3/4 composed by Yinon Muallem (Changing Moments)

Yinon Muallem : Zarp,Daire,Def,Cymbais,Wood Blocks,Bells
Yurdal Tokcan : Oud
Göksel Baktagir : Kanun
Emrullah Şengüller : Cello
Selim Güler : Kemence
Halil Necipoğlu : Vocal