The Turtles – Grim Reaper Of Love

Grim Reaper Of Love by The Turtles is a 1966 pop song which includes 5/4 phrases.

Howard Kaylan in an interview in Mojo magazine (October 2009) said about this song: “After ‘You Baby’ had become our third national hit in a row, we were feeling pretty cocky as a band. The Beatles were doing drugs and experimenting with Indian instruments – we could too. So we did. Al Nichol and Chuck Portz put together this 5/4 jazz raga with ridiculous lyrics and, as a band, we fought for its release. But of course the record was just too weird to be a mainstream hit. In fact, I’m still shocked that it did as well as it did. It broke our cycle of Top 30 hits, and we didn’t rebound until ‘Happy Together’ a year later.”

“Bored of 4/4”

Found this article by Oliver Curry entitled “Bored of 4/4: Other Time Signatures In Dance Music”,  about odd meters published by Attack, an electronic music magazine.

It’s a long but interesting read about changing the conventions in dance music tracks, traditionally labelled “4 on the floor” as it is almost always written in 4/4, by introducing odd meters.

It starts by explaining what time signature is, and goes on to demonstrate the different time signatures.

Read the full article here